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Sake Brewing from Rice Growing ~ <2nd> Organic Farm Tour

<2nd> Organic Farm Tour
The second event on July 6 is the worldwide famous organic “Shimosato farm” tour. This farm has cow, chicken and about sixty kinds of agricultural crops. Many foreign trainees visit and stay it every year thanks to the special organic skills. Mr. Kaneko, who is the top of this farm, is a leading authority on the organic farming methods.
In addition to the tour, we will mow at the rice field where we planted rice and have a professor’s small lecture about insects living there in the morning. After that “Nagashi Somen” is prepared as the lunch. Let’s enjoy the traditional dish and interact with other eighty participants. Applicants can go to the hot spring after the lunch at the reasonable price.

-Schedule (July 6)-
7:35 Ikebukuro station (Tobu-Tojo line bound for Ogawamachi leaving at 7:45 we take)
9:30 Arrival at the Shimosato farm
10:00 Lecture & mowing
11:30 Shimosato Farm Tour
13:00 Nagashi-Somen lunch
16:30 Breakup at the farm

~Sake Brewing from Rice Growing~
This project is seven-shot project in Ogawa town which is famous for Japanese paper (traditional craft), Sake (water) and organic farming methods. Approximately one hundred people who are from not only local but also several areas join this project. Let’s brew the best sake together and make great memories over the course one year. Of course you can also just enjoy one or a couple individual activities.
-Annual Schedule-
1st (Jun.15) Rice planting & Onsen
2nd (Jul.6) Weeding & famous organic farm tour & unique Japanese dish
3rd (Oct.5) Rice harvesting & Drying with traditional way
4th (Nov.2) Harvest Festival with flesh rice and local traditional dish
5th (Dec.14) Japanese paper making & Onsen
6th (Feb.8) Sake brewery tour & sake bottle label making with Japanese paper & Onsen
7th (Mar.8) Sake coming-out party

<第2回> 有機農場見学ツアー

7:35 池袋駅 (7:45発、東武東上線(急行) [小川町行き])
9:30 霜里農場到着
10:00 生き物観察と稲刈り
11:30 霜里農場見学
13:00 流しそうめんランチ
14:30 霜里農場解散

第1回 6/15  田植え+温泉
第2回 7/6  草取り+農場見学+流しそうめん
第3回 10/5  稲刈り+天日干し
第4回 11/2  収穫祭(収穫したお米で作ったおむすびと郷土料理である呉汁と一緒に)
第5回 12/14 和紙の紙漉き+温泉
第6回 2/8  酒造見学とお酒のラベル作成+温泉
第7回 3/8  日本酒完成+懇親会


Event Details

Date Jul/06/2014 - Jul/06/2014
Place Ogawa town, Saitama Pref.
Meeting place Ikebukuro station (around the elevator at the platform of Tobu-Tojo line)
Meeting time 7:35 AM
Price 3,600 yen
Note - Limit of about 10 participants, on a first- come- first- served basis only through our website.
- This event is basically a rain-or-shine event. We let you know on the bottom message board by the day before event day if the event is postponed.
- Please bring the extra clothes for rice planting and your bowl & chopsticks for lunch.
- You can receive an invitation to SAKE-DRINKING PARTY if you join at least twice!!
- You can receive a 15% DISCOUNT from your third entry!!
- The price above includes experience, tour and fee and lunch.

-Payment Instructions
  - Payment will guarantee your reservation for this event. Take note that we will not keep your reservation without payment.
  - Payments can be made by bank transfer online or visiting Japan Post Bank.
     Account Name: トクヒ)アナザージャパン (NPO Another Japan)
     Japan Post Bank / Branch: 10070 / Ordinary: 7869847
     (If you pay from Japanese bank, please use the branch code: 008.)
  - Group payment is no problem.

-Cancel Policy
- We can accept your cancelation and refund your money in full without bank transfer fees or Paypal handing fee if you cancel at least 10 days before the event day.
- There is 20% cancel charge if you cancel 6 - 9 days before the event day.
- There is 50% cancel charge, if you cancel 4 - 5 days before the event day.
- No refunds for same day cancelations and up to 3 days before the event.
- If you cannot attend but find a replacement for your spot you don’t need to cancel. (But please advise us of the name change)



      ゆうちょ銀行(9900) 店番:〇〇八(008) 普通:7869847



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