Updated: Jun/30/2014

Nature(自然) Food(食)

Get Beauty with Fresh Honey

Have you ever used any cosmetics containing honey?
The high nutritional value of the honey is well known as making the skin beautiful and giving excellent moisture retention. Especially for the coming summer season, it’s perfect for protecting our skin from intense UV and the dryness by the air conditioner.
Another Japan introduces and invites you to a unique workshop to make a natural honey hand cream and a facial mask. This is held by FIO, a company revitalizing the city through agriculture, for instance, they raise their honey bees, collect their honey, sell them and organize various related events. Don’t miss making the 2-weeks-worth honey hand cream and tasting fresh honey directly from beehives. Hopefully you love the honey experience!

Time schedule
July 12
13:00 Meeting at Keio-Horinouchi station, ticket gate
13:30 Arriving at the farm and having a welcome honey drink
14:00 Making the honey hand cream
15:00 Observing bee & tasting honey
16:30 Experiencing the honey facial mask
17:00 Breaking up at the farm



13:00 京王堀之内駅、改札集合
13:30 現地到着、説明、ハチミツのウェルカムドリンク
14:00 蜜蝋クリーム作成
15:00 ミツバチ観察、ハチミツ試食
16:30 ハチミツパック体験
17:00 現地解散


Event Details

Date Jul/12/2014 - Jul/12/2014
Place Hachioji City, Tokyo
Meeting place Keio-Horinouchi station (Keio Line), ticket gate
Meeting time 13:00 PM
Price 4,500 yen
Note - Limit of 15 participants, reservation on a first-come first-served basis and only through our website.
- The price above includes experience fee and material cost of the cream and the facial mask.
- Please refrain from joining if you have delicate skin, injure your hands or have allergy to wheat flour or honey.
- We will ask for those allergies and give a patch test before the workshop. If the allergy is found, we recommend just watching the session. In the case, we will refund depending on the situation.
- We are not responsible for any skin troubles and any health damages caused by this workshop due to no beauty treatment.
- Do not use the cream after its expiration date (within two weeks from the workshop date). Keep in the cool and dark place. Please stop using, if you have troubles on your skin.

-Payment Instructions
  - Payment will guarantee your reservation for this event. Take note that we will not keep your reservation without payment.
  - Payments can be made by bank transfer online or visiting Japan Post Bank.
     Account Name: トクヒ)アナザージャパン (NPO Another Japan)
     Japan Post Bank / Branch: 10070 / Ordinary: 7869847
     (If you pay from Japanese bank, please use the branch code: 008.)
  - Group payment is no problem.

-Cancel Policy
- We can accept your cancelation and refund your money in full without bank transfer fees or Paypal handing fee if you cancel at least 10 days before the event day.
- There is 20% cancel charge if you cancel 6 - 9 days before the event day.
- There is 50% cancel charge, if you cancel 4 - 5 days before the event day.
- No refunds for same day cancelations and up to 3 days before the event.
- If you cannot attend but find a replacement for your spot you don’t need to cancel. (But please advise us of the name change)


      ゆうちょ銀行(9900) 店番:〇〇八(008) 普通:7869847




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