Updated: Jul/29/2014

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Mt.Fuji Climbing ~from the 1st station to the 5th station~

We will climb up the Mt.Fuji from the 1st station to the 5th station in this plan. This route is not normal for climber but was used as the road in the Edo era. You cannot only deeply feel history through stone markers or historical sites but also enjoy seasonal flowers like Fuji-sakura or Japanese azalea. A special guide who knows much about history will accompany us on this event. We should enjoy history and nature so deeply while climbing up the Mt.Fuji.




Event Details

Date Aug/09/2014 - Aug/09/2014
Place Fujiyoshida city, Yamanashi Prefecture
Meeting place Fujisan station
Meeting time 8:30 AM
Price 2,500 yen
Note - Please bring a bottle of water, rain coat, flashlight and other things to be needed during the mountain climbing.
- The price above includes guide fee and planning fee.

-Payment Instructions
  - Payment will guarantee your reservation for this event. Take note that we will not keep your reservation without payment.
  - Payments can be made by bank transfer online or visiting Japan Post Bank.
     Account Name: トクヒ)アナザージャパン (NPO Another Japan)
     Japan Post Bank / Branch: 10070 / Ordinary: 7869847
     (If you pay from Japanese bank, please use the branch code: 008.)
  - Payment can also be made by PayPal (our email account is info@another- japan.com). If there is a PayPal handing fee depending on your PayPal account, we'll collect it on the day.
  - Group payment is no problem.

-Cancel Policy
- We can accept your cancelation and refund your money in full without bank transfer fees or Paypal handing fee if you cancel at least 10 days before the event day.
- There is 20% cancel charge if you cancel 6 - 9 days before the event day.
- There is 50% cancel charge, if you cancel 4 - 5 days before the event day.
- No refunds for same day cancelations and up to 3 days before the event.
- If you cannot attend but find a replacement for your spot you don’t need to cancel. (But please advise us of the name change)


      ゆうちょ銀行(9900) 店番:〇〇八(008) 普通:7869847




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